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Tulip care

Tulip care

With the right amount of personal care you may enjoy your tulips the most. We are pleased to give you some tips and advices on how to ensure the optimal conditions for your tulips from the time we deliver them in your hands.

Welcome home

In case you might need a bit more time to arrive at your home after buying your tulips, don’t get worried immediately. Due to exposure to higher temperatures, the tulips could suffer a bit and get weak. One remedy is to wrap them in a newspaper and put them right up in a vase. Pour some water inside the vase and leave your wrapped tulips overnight to find them awake and sound the next morning. Even better if you have a chiller to put them in. So the lower the temperature, the better.

Ready for a vase

Succes lies in a thorough preparation also applies to tulips. Take note of the following advices before putting your tulips in a vase:

  • Cut your tulips diagonally with a sharp knife or trimming scissors. This will ensure optimal absorption of the water.
  • Choose a vase that fits the lenght of your tulips. A rule of thumb says that the vase should be around 2/3 of tulip length. Your tulips will then be supported properly.
  • Make sure the vase is really clean on the inside. Proper hygiene will prevent bacteria to build up easily and tulips basically don’t consider them friends.
  • Fill up the vase with cool water until around 2-3 cm above the bottom of the tulip stems.
  • Remove any leaves that are submerged in the water, because this could also cause build-up of bacteria.
  • Don’t put your vase near a fruit basket, in a spot that is exposed to direct sunlight or in the airflow of an airconditioning system. Fruit will cause ethylene production, which is harmful to tulips. The same applies to heavy sunlight and severe airflows.

Life in the vase

Once you have arranged your tulips nicely in the vase, these are some further tips to extend the lifetime and enjoy your tulips to the max.

  • Within airconditioned temperatures between 21-23 degrees Celsius, your tulips should be able to stay strong for about 5 days. For sure it will help if you make sure to provide enough water every time, because tulips will continue to grow and drink even when they are cut.
  • Much better even if you renew the water every time, especially when you notice your water to become a bit blurry or colored.
  • When refreshing the water, you might every time cut a bit of the stem of the tulips diagonally to get a clean edge. Don’t be afraid to cut, since your tulips probably have gained some length in the meantime already.
  • Even though all of your tulips have been harvested at the same time, it still could happen that one tulip will perish a bit earlier than the other. Remove the “dead” tulip from your vase and rearrange the remaining ones to keep up the nice appearance of your bouquet.